Comprehensive Plan


Adopted January 30, 2002

  • Executive Summary
    Introduction; History; Population; Housing; Employment; Income

  • History
    The Land; The People; The Settlers; A Pioneer Economy

  • Population
    Urban vs. Rural, Median Age; Age Groups Within The Population; Race

  • Housing
    Housing Units; Housing Age; Housing Starts 1990-1999; Housing Types
    Housing Occupancy; Housing Occupancy Tenure; Persons Per Household;
    Housing Value; Housing Affordability

  • Employment
    About The Data; Employment by Industry: State of Wisconsin, Portage County, and
    Surrounding Counties; Portage County's Major Employers; Employment by Industry:
    Surrounding Counties; Employment by Industry: Portage County Municipalities;
    Employment by Industry: City of Stevens Point; Employment by Industry: Village of
    Plover; Employment by Industry: Town Average; Employment by Industry: Village
    Average; Farm and Farm Related Employment; Unemployment Rates in Portage
    County; Transportation and Commuting

  • Income
    Household by Type; Poverty; Educational Attainment


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