Groundwater Basics for Kids

What is groundwater?  Why should you care?  Learn more by checking out some of the following links.

Many of these links will take you to another website.  A separate window will open  for each of these sites for your exploration.  The Groundwater Website will remain open in a separate window.

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Water Cycle

bulletRound and Round It Goes:  the Water Cycle.   Source:  EEK, DNR  43
bulletHydrologic Cycle.    Source:  Groundwater Foundation, 42
bulletFollow a Drip Through the Water Cycle.    Source:  Water Science for Schools, USGS, 45
bulletEveryone Needs Water.    Source:  National Wildlife Federation, 46  
bulletThe Water Cycle at Work.    Source: EPA Water Office, 47

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Groundwater Basics
bulletGroundwater Basics.   Source:  Portage County Groundwater Website
bulletWhat is groundwater?   Source:  Kid's Corner of the Groundwater Foundation, 42
bulletGround-Water Aquifers.    Source:  Water Science for Schools, USGS, 45


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