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Kid's Stuff:
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	Groundwater Basics
 Understanding Groundwater:
    Groundwater Basics
    Portage County Overview of Influencing Factors
    Portage County Groundwater Issues  Teaching & Learning:
	Activitites & Lessons
	Education Outreach by PCGCAC
	Educational Resource Materials
	Sand Tank Groundwater Flow Model
	Water & Soil Testing
 Managing the Resource:
	Laws & Regulations
	Portage County Groundwater Citizens Advisory Committee (PCGCAC)
	Portage County Groundwater Management Plan  Taking Action:
	Home, Business, Farm Practices
	Get Involved
	Political Input
	Water & Soil Testing

More Information:
	References & Publications
	Website References

Comments & Ideas:
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	Specific Groundwater Comments Form
	Communicate with Municipality's Groundwater GCAC Representative
	Groundwater Discussion Room

Welcome to this site created by the Groundwater Citizens
Advisory Committee. People of all ages and backgrounds
who want to learn about the water they drink and use every day,
ways to help, and other resources should explore these pages.

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