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Highway Department to Resume Chip Sealing Program

Post Date:08/07/2017 9:32 AM

August 7, 2017
For Immediate Release



Beginning the week of August 14th, the Portage County Highway Department will begin its second phase of its annual chip sealing program.  Chip sealing is part of the Highway Department’s annual road maintenance and preservation program which helps prevent the rapid deterioration of asphalt due to oxidation and traffic wear.  It is an economical way to extend the life of the pavement by sealing it and improving surface texture for skid resistance.

The chip seal process involves spraying a single layer of liquid asphalt emulsion on the pavement which is then immediately covered with a small aggregate.  The aggregate is rolled into the liquid asphalt and allows traffic to resume travel on the road at a reduced speed.  Following a cure time, excess aggregate is swept off the road.

The second phase includes chip sealing of the following roads:

CTH B (Kennedy Ave to CTH Q) - Anticipated to begin August 16, 2017
CTH HH (Hoover Ave. to CTH R) - Anticipated to begin August 21, 2017
CTH R (CTH HH to Black Oak Dr.) - Anticipated to begin August 21-22, 2017

“Our second phase of the 2017 chip sealing program is going to present many challenges as we perform maintenance on some of our higher traveled roadways,” says Highway Commissioner Nathan Check. “We apologize in advance for the anticipated delays for the traveling public in these areas, but this is a critical operation to extend the life of our infrastructure.”

Prior to the chip sealing of CTH HH, the department will be posting advanced notice for the traveling public.  Check anticipates that most of the CTH HH chip sealing work will be completed in one day with sweeping occurring the next day.  During this time, it is highly recommended that visitors to the Portage County Business Park and Crossroad Commons use CTH R as their access from the east. “Avoiding the work zone during this time is going to be the safest option for the traveling public and our workers,” states Check. 

The traveling public is advised to find alternate routes during this period as the other roads will be posted as Closed to Through Traffic with reduced speeds.  If you must travel on these roads, reduced travel speed during application, cure time, and sweeping is critical for worker and driver safety as well as final work quality. Loose aggregate usually stays on the road after the initial rolling and can be picked up by tires of fast-moving vehicles and sprayed against workers and vehicles.  High speed traffic over a fresh treatment that has not fully cured can displace the embedded aggregate as well and produce a slick surface.  During the application process, traffic will be controlled by flaggers and it is especially critical to reduce speed and drive aware in the work zones. 

Any questions regarding the chip seal program can be directed to the Highway Department at 715-345-5230.  The Highway Department thanks you in advance for driving aware and reducing your speed in order to make our work zones safer and to provide quality project.  Planning an alternate route for a one week time period is highly recommended.