Tax Deeded Land Sales




Please note that pursuant to Section 75.69, Wisconsin Statutes, the following parcel(s) of tax delinquent real estate acquired by Portage County, Wisconsin, hereinafter described, is being offered for sale by sealed bids at a price NOT LESS than the appraised value.  Any special assessments in the process of collection shall be the liability of the purchaser.  Contact the municipality for outstanding special assessments.

NOTE:  Also included is a parcel – Item # 25-2012 that has previously been processed through a tax delinquent sale.  Therefore, this parcel can be sold for less than the appraised value.  Sealed bids on this property CAN BE LESS THAN THE APPRAISED VALUE.

IT IS THE BIDDER’S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO investigate properties prior to putting in a bid to Portage County and conduct additional zoning research if more information is required than what is noted in the advertisement.  Any special assessments/charges in the process of collection shall be the liability of the purchaser.  All purchasers of tax deeded properties are responsible for access easements to land-locked properties.

Parcels containing buildings may be viewed by appointment only by contacting the
Portage County Facilities Department at 715-346-1598.

Bids will be accepted on the parcel(s) in the office of Portage County Clerk, 1516 Church Street, Stevens Point, Wisconsin and must be submitted by NOON, October 7, 2013.  You may access the forms and information from the Portage County web page using the links below.  All bids shall be returned in a sealed envelope properly identified by item number/parcel number and prepared on bid forms provided by Portage County.  The Committee may reject any and all bids.  The County may combine or subdivide any real property for sale in its discretion based on the nature of the properties.  The County may accept the bid most advantageous to it, but every bid less than the appraised value of the property will be rejected. 

Complete bids packets are available on Portage County’s website – or available from the Portage County Clerk’s Office, 1516 Church Street, Stevens Point, WI - Telephone 715-346-1351



Notice of Public Sale – Tax Deeded Lands
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