Intake court on Mondays for traffic/clockordinance violations and criminal cases.

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8:30 a.m. Portage County Traffic/Ordinance Violations
9:00 a.m. (CT) Criminal Traffic
9:30 a.m. City of Stevens Point/UWSP/State Patrol/Village of Junction City
10:00 a.m. DNR/CNRR
1:30 p.m. Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor


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Also, "Kiosk Court Calendar Search"  (located on the 2nd floor, to the right of the top of the stairs)


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Sign up today to receive a text message that reminds you of your next court hearing. Text reminders are automatically generated from the Wisconsin Circuit Court "CCAP" software and are sent Monday thru Friday at 6:00 pm, (2) two work days prior to your next court hearing.  This option is available for those who have circuit court cases and sign up for it. Click the cell phone icon to sign up. 



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