Division of Public Health

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Community Health

As a branch of public health, community health focuses on protecting and improving the health of a community.  Community health nurses actively work in homes, schools, businesses, and the community to protect public health across the life span.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health focuses on the natural and built environments’ potential to adversely affect our health.

Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator

Navigators provide free enrollment help and education to the public. A navigator can help with understanding your eligibility for, enrolling in, and using your insurance purchased on the health insurance marketplace.

Public Health Planning/Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness program focuses on preparing for and responding to,, events that pose a substantial risk to the health of residents.  The program supports and enhances the division’s capacity to prepare for public health threats and emergencies through planning, exercising, responding, and training.

  • Public Health Emergency Plan
  • Mass Clinics
  • Community Readiness

WIC & Nutrition Services

Public health programming across the life span to improve the health of women, infants & children through promotion of healthy eating, physical activity and nutrition education; early screening, intervention and referral; and breast and cervical cancer screening referrals for good health.

Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2020

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