2017 County Construction Updates

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2017 County Construction Project Status Update
(Project Dates Subject to Change)

Revised 11-1-17


Project:  CTH J (USH 10 to STH 66) Reconstruction
Project Description:  This project consists of reconstructing the entire roadway to improve drainage and flatten sideslopes for safety.  The existing road base will be widened to accommodate 12’ travel lanes, 4’ paved shoulders, and 2’ gravel shoulders.  All culverts will be replaced along the project.  The hill at the south project limits will also be cut down to improve sight distance.   

Estimated Construction Date:  Project is completed and open to traffic.


Project:  CTH SS (STH 161 to CTH Q) Resurfacing
Project Description:  This project consists of resurfacing the existing roadway which includes milling and grading the existing asphalt pavement, replacement of deficient culverts, sign replacements and pavement markings. 

CTH SS will be closed to through traffic throughout construction.   
Estimated Construction Date:  Project is completed.

Project:  CR P (CTH G north to CTH G south) Reconstruction 
Project Description:  This project is the continuation of the 2016 project which included pulverizing the existing asphalt pavement, removing concrete base, replacing and repairing deficient culvert pipes and catch basins, repairing and replacing curb, asphalt paving, gravel shouldering, sign replacements and pavement markings. 

CR P will be closed during construction and a detour will be provided. Access will be provided to adjacent residences and businesses as well as emergency vehicles during construction but all other traffic shall utilize the detour. 

Estimated Construction Date:  September 18 through early November 2017.


Project:  CR G Bridge Replacement over Mill Creek 
Project Description:  This project includes the replacement of the 1956 structurally deficient bridge.  The project is managed under the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s bridge program.   

CTH G at this location will be closed during construction.

Estimated Construction Date:  Project is completed.


Project:  CR SBridge Replacement over Mill Creek Tributary
Project Description:  The bridge is located just south of the Lone Elm Road/CTH N intersection with CTH S.  The existing 50 year old bridge is showing structural deterioration and will be replaced with a new concrete slab bridge designed to meet current standards.  Earth, Inc. is the prime contractor for the project which is funded by the Portage County Capital Improvement Program. 

CTH P at this location will be closed during construction.

Estimated Construction Date:  September 11 through early November 2017.


Project:  2017 Crackfilling and Chip Sealing 
Project Description:  Approximately 55 miles of county highways will be chip sealed. Deficient culverts will be replaced, cracks will be filled with rubber crack filler. Road repairs will be wedged with asphalt prior to the chip seal process. New pavement markings will be installed. 

A majority of these roads will remain open to local traffic during chipsealing and sweeping with reduced speed limits. Traffic is encouraged to utilize alternate routes until all roads are swept.  Major roads such as CTH B are currently being evalutated for full closures during the chipsealing. Please view map for chip seal locations.
Estimated Construction Date:  Work is completed.

While typical construction work zones are prevalent throughout the county and state, there are also a significant number of maintenance and emergency operations that may be short-term or moving operations.  Drivers are reminded of the state’s “Move Over, Slow Down” law which requires drivers to shift lanes or slow down in order to provide a "safety zone" for a squad car, ambulance, fire truck, tow truck, utility vehicle, or highway maintenance vehicle that is stopped on the side of a road with its warning lights flashing.

The Portage County Highway Department workers and families thank you in advance for slowing down and driving attentively through our work zones.