Purchase a Sand Tank Groundwater Model

The Sand Tank Groundwater Model represents a sand and gravel aquifer with clay as a confining layer.

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point students assemble the groundwater models as part of a fundraiser for the UWSP Student Chapter of AWRA  (American Water Resources Association).  Over the last fifteen years, 1,700 models have been distributed world-wide.  


The groundwater model costs $625.00 plus $50.00 shipping & $10.00 handling.  (Additional postage may be charged for shipping outside the United States.)  Please allow approximately 1 month for delivery.  Rush orders can be processed in 2 weeks for an additional $30.00.  

For more information or to order a groundwater model, go to the UWSP Student Chapter of AWRA web site.


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(Source: UWSP AWRA Student Chapter 23)

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