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State Debt Collections Info 

The Portage County Clerk of Courts utilizes the Wisconsin Department of Revenue - State Debt Collections (SDC)  as another means to collect past due fines and fees owed. 

Warrants and Suspension are still used first, then referral to SDC collections. The SDC also has the means to attach to your wages, refunds, and levying your bank accounts to get the debt paid off.

Individuals will receive a "Notice of Intent" that states your past due debt will be referred to the SDC for collections. It is recommended to contact the Clerk of Court to see if you are still able to either pay in full or set up a payment plan.

If still not paid, next you will receive a "Notice of Referred Debt".

(Click to see Example Notice of Referred Debt here)

You will not be able to set up a payment plan or pay at the Clerk of Court office. 

When your past due debt has been turned over to the WI Dept. of Revenue  - State Debt Collection (SDC) agency, you will need to contact them for additional information for paying your past due fines.



I got a "Notice of Referred Debt" in the mail, who do I pay?

You will need to contact the WI Dept. of Revenue - State Debt Collection (SDC) by phone or by their website. Have your "Notice of Referred Debt" handy as you will need the information from it to work with the SDC.

Phone: 608-264-0345

Payment or Plan request by phone: 608-266-7879

Links to WI Dept. of Revenue SDC Website for:

Make an online payment

Request a payment plan



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