Department Head: Shirley M. Simonis
Has been County Clerk since January of 2007 and prior to 2007 had been Deputy County Clerk for 28 years.

1516 Church Street                       shirleySimonis
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: 715.346.1351
Fax: 715.346.1486


The County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years by the voters of Portage County.

The County Clerk's office provides services to the County Board of Supervisors and the general public and acts as an agent and representative for the State of Wisconsin through clerical assistance, issuance and distribution of licenses, election coordination, and maintenance of records.

The County Clerk's office is the chief election official and coordinates all federal, state, county, local and school elections. The County Clerk is the official Clerk to the County Board by assuring completion of necessary support functions and performs all administrative duties as prescribed in the Wisconsin State Statutes.

The Clerk is also responsible for the following:



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