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Did you know? 

There are resources for self-represented (Pro Se) parties who are wanting to file family actions such as a divorce. 

Portage County Circuit Court requires  (Pro Se) individuals that are not represented by an attorney to start with the Family Law Information Center.

See the Portage County ORDER defining the Certificate of Readiness, Family Law Information Center, Fees, and Availability.

JusticeWorks, Ltd's Family Law Information Center offers unrepresented family law litigants assistance with legal forms, court procedures, and referral information for community resources. The center assistants do not serve as legal counsel or give legal advice.


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Family Law Information Center

      (Located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse near the Clerk of Court department)

Walk-in hours:

Monday thru Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

or by appointment: 715-344-3677


Resources/Local Court Forms

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Family Law Forms Assistant Wizard

(Wisconsin eCourts for self-represented parties is an interactive Web site that assists you in filling out forms for a variety of legal issues. The site guides you through a series of questions and then completes the necessary form).

Self-Help Divorce/Family Info Link

Request for Mediation Form

Mediation Information Sheet

Guardian Ad Litem Information Link

 Order to Attend Educational Program on the Effects of Dissolution on Children


 Educational Resources for Children


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What's Happening in Court?

Online activity book

  One day you may go to a courthouse as a witness, juror, visitor, or for some other reason. The activities in "What's Happening in Court?"(2001) explain what happens in court, who works there, and what the rules are.

Learning about the courts is an important way to prepare yourself to be a responsible citizen.

(This popular booklet was adapted from a publication created in 1999 by the California Office of the General Counsel, Administrative Office of the Courts).


More Kid Resources

Click the link (right above or below) for additional links and games to learn more about Wisconsin government and United States government. Here's one we liked, (activities & games) "Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids" that you can find on the link below.



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Need legal advice?

No money for a lawyer?

Wisconsin Free Legal Answers is a free website for low-income people who cannot afford a lawyer. You can use wi.freelegalanswers.org to get free brief legal advice from volunteer lawyers when you have non-criminal legal questions.

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Go to WI.FreeLegalAnswers.org and click Get Started.

2. Use the website to ask your question.

3. Receive an email notification when a lawyer responds to your question on the website.

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