Portage County Highway Department Staff

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Portage County Highway Department Staff


Department Phone: 715-345-5230

Nathaniel Check
Highway Commissioner
E-mail: checkn@co.portage.wi.us

Assistant Commissioner/Engineer

Ken Gliszinski
County Patrol Superintendent
E-mail: gliszink@co.portage.wi.us

Todd Makuski
State Patrol Superintendent
E-mail: makuskit@co.portage.wi.us

Jason Kirsenlohr
Assistant Patrol Superintendent
E-mail: kirsenlj@co.portage.wi.us

Corey Giese
Parts Room/Shop Superintendent
E-mail: giesec@co.portage.wi.us

Stacy Zerby
Business Manager
E-mail: zerbys@co.portage.wi.us

Kristen Wallis
Financial Associate III
E-mail: wallisk@co.portage.wi.us