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The purpose of the Portage County Groundwater Citizens Advisory Committee (GCAC) is to provide an official forum within Portage County government for discussion of topics and issues related to groundwater resources in Portage County. Through its discussions and recommendations, GCAC shall perform the function of providing technical expertise and direction in support of deliberation and ultimate decision-making by the Portage County Board of Supervisors.

GCAC is tasked with:

  • Identifying research and education needs and opportunities that promote a general understanding of issues and concerns related to groundwater resources;
  • Developing and compiling the preliminary draft of the County’s long-range plan for protection and management of groundwater (we just finished this);
  • Developing strategies for implementing the groundwater management plan; and
  • Generating recommendations for action on groundwater related issues

GCAC is comprised on of one primary representative and/or one alternate from each of the municipalities in Portage County.  Members shall be appointed by their Town or Village Boards or City Council.  Municipal representatives shall be non-elected “citizen representatives”. In the event a citizen representative cannot be appointed by a municipality, an elected official or municipal staff person may function as representative for that community; up to a maximum of twenty percent (20%) of overall GCAC membership may be of this type. Citizen representatives must be residents of the municipality they represent. For a detailed description of how GCAC operates please visit the Portage County Groundwater Citizen Advisory Committee by-laws.

Current GCAC Representatives: 





Joe Weisbrod


Edward Burns


Tommy Enright

 Amherst Alternate

 Peggy Farrell


Mike Warzynski

Belmont Alternate

Rita Walkowicz

Buena Vista

Zack Mykisen

Buena Vista Alternate

Roger Turzinski


Fred Copes


Dennis Meis

Dewey Alternate

Kathy Girolamo

Eau Pleine

David Hansen


Cecile Stelzer-Johnson

Grant Alternate

Scott Provost


Tim Zimmerman


John Droske


Garth Frost

New Hope

Jenny Larson

New Hope Alternate

Anne Abbott

Pine Grove

Ben Sawyer

Pine Grove Alternate

Jeanette Wilson


Joe Firkus Jr.


Ron Hensler


Curt Soik



Richard Burns


Mike Hinrichs

Amherst Junction


Junction City

Peter Mallek


Tarion O'Carroll

Park Ridge

Dan McFarlane

Park Ridge Alternate

Christine Neidlein


Matt Saloun


Jessie Anderson


Nicholas Schmeiser


Eric Southworth


Representative Responsibilities:

In order for the Committee to accomplish its Purpose, consistent attendance and participation in Committee meetings is expected. Members will serve as a primary means of communication on groundwater resource issues with member communities, and are expected to provide reports of the activities of GCAC to municipal boards, councils and committees, as well as communicate municipal issues or concerns to GCAC on a regular basis.

To appoint a representative:

If a citizen has expressed an interest in representing your municipality as a GCAC member, the Town/Village board may appoint him/her as your representative at your next Town/Village Board meeting.  For official purposes, we ask that you please send us a copy of the minutes of the meeting along with a letter indicating the appointee’s name and contact information, so that we may include the newly selected members on our mailing list.  Information can be sent to the Water Resource Specialist at the Portage County Planning and Zoning Department, 1462 Strongs Ave Stevens Point, WI 54481. 


GCAC has three standing subcommittees  that are made up of Committee members;  The Public Involvement and Education Subcommittee, The Groundwater Management Planning and Implementation Subcommittee and the Continual Assessment Subcommittee.  The GCAC chair may choose to create additional specialized sub-committees on as needed basis. 

  • Public Involvement and Education Subcommittee  

 Provides access to groundwater information and a platform for public involvement in groundwater management decision making.

  • The Groundwater Management Planning and Implementation Subcommittee

 Authors, updates, and implements the Groundwater Management Plan for Portage County

  • Continual Assessment Subcommittee

 Designs and implements a long-term, groundwater quality and quantity monitoring and assessment program for Portage County

 Analyze the proposed “Public Health and Groundwater Protection Ordinance” brought before GCAC by a group of concerned Portage County Citizens