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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How do I get a zoning permit?

  • When do I need a permit from Land and Water Conservation?

  • How do I rezone my property?

  • Who can help me with shoreland erosion issues?

  • How do I report manure runoff?

  • What is cost sharing and what can it be used for?

Section Mission: Administer the following Portage County Ordinances: Zoning; Wellhead Protection; Wireless Telecommunication Facility; Subdivision; Open Space Design Option; Floodplain Zoning; Shoreland Zoning; and Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation.

Zoning Staff:

Zoning Staff can be reached by telephone : (715) 346-1334 or email 

Gayle Stewart, Administrative Associate II  email
Tracy Pelky, Zoning Coordinator email
Chris Mrdutt, Zoning Coordinator  email


The Zoning Coordinators work daily with residents, municipal officials throughout the County, State agencies, other Planning and Zoning Department staff, and other Portage County Department staff to provide information on development (including fact finding on properties prior to purchase, and issuing zoning permits), subdivision of land (including fact finding on how a piece of property might be developed, as well as review and approval of Subdivision Plats and Certified Survey Maps), and zoning enforcement issues and procedures.

A considerable amount of the Zoning Coordinator’s time is spent out of the office on field inspections related to approval and installation of private on-site waste treatment systems (POWTS), Ordinance administration, development review, subdivision requests, and zoning enforcement issues. If you need to sit down with a Zoning Coordinator, please call to set up an appointment. It is our intent to respond to any telephone or email messages as promptly as possible.

Applications for Zoning Permits, and applications to appear at Portage County Planning and Zoning Committee or Board of Adjustment meetings, are accepted in person daily during regular business hours by Planning and Zoning Department Administrative staff.