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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How do I get a zoning permit?

  • When do I need a permit from Land and Water Conservation?

  • How do I rezone my property?

  • Who can help me with shoreland erosion issues?

  • How do I report manure runoff?

  • What is cost sharing and what can it be used for?

When is a Zoning Permit NOT REQUIRED:

  • For any interior remodeling, improvements or alterations, regardless of cost, unless you increase floor area, such as adding a loft or converting an attic space to living space, which may impact septic system requirements.

  • For any exterior alterations, improvements or remodeling provided there is not an increase in floor area constructed to the existing building.

  • For any accessory building less than 100 square feet, provided such building conforms to all the setbacks, yard and open space requirements of this Ordinance.

  • For farm buildings and structures not for human habitation which are not permanently fixed to the ground and are readily removable in their entirety; provided that this regulation shall not apply to roadside stands or permitted signs.

When is a Zoning Permit REQUIRED:

  • For construction of new homes and commercial, agricultural, and industrial buildings;

  • Additions, exterior alterations, or remodeling of an existing building that increases the floor area;

  • Placement of campers in Agricultural, Conservancy and/or Rural Limited Zoning Districts (prohibited in other Districts);

  • Installation of signs;

  • Installation of ponds or other extractions and excavations;

  • Any new accessory building/structure 100 square feet in size or more (garage, shed, storage building, etc.);

  • Change of land use, such as a new commercial use of the property;

  • Structural changes to buildings in a floodplain.