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What is the Register in Probate/Juvenile Office?

The Register in Probate/Juvenile Office has several functions within the Court system.  We maintain and keep the records for Probate (PR), Guardianships (GN), Chapter 48 and Minor Guardianships (JG), Adoptions (AD), Termination of Parental Rights (TP), Chapter 51 Commitments (ME), Juvenile Delinquencies (JV), Juveniles in Need of Protection and Services (JV), Children in Need of Protection and Services (JC) and Juvenile Ordinance Tickets (JO) in this office.  The Register in Probate office coordinates between the Judicial duties and administrative functions of the Probate Court. 

We provide compassionate, professional  and courteous services to assist the public, attorneys and litigants with their questions and concerns, without giving legal advice.  The Register in Probate Office follows and performs duties as outlined in the Constitution and the Wisconsin Statutes. 

All Probate staff are court officials for assisting with notarizing court documents, clerking in court, filing all new Petitions for each case type including filing and scheduling of case hearings within the statutory time limits and collecting fees as required by Statute.   All files and their corresponding records are confidential in this office except for estate proceedings (Probate).  For all estate filings, we collect and file the ORIGINAL WILL. 

The Probate Registrar officiates in all Informal Estate proceedings, testate (with a Will) or intestate (without a Will)   The Register in Probate and Deputies can NOT give legal advice, complete any forms for any party, collect any information or investigate any assets regarding the estate or give any tax/banking information or advice to any litigants. 

Our office staff cannot provide legal advice.  Please contact an attorney if you have legal questions or call the Lawyer Referral Service at 800-362-9082.




Chris Marfilius, Register in Probate/Probate Registrar/Juvenile Clerk

Sandi Gagas, Chief Deputy Register in Probate/Juvenile Clerk

Deputy Register in Probate/Judicial Assistant Branch II


Office Hours of Operation:  

7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Monday through Friday (Closed Legal Holidays)                            




Register in Probate

Portage County Courthouse

1516 Church Street

Stevens Point, WI  54481




Confidential Case Types Include

Juvenile Case Types Include

Other Case Types Considered Open Public Record


Guardianships (both for the Incompetent and Minors


Protective Placements


Protective Services













Children in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS)


Juvenile in Need of Protections or Services (JIPS)


Juvenile Delinquencies (criminal charges for Minors under 17)






Informal Probate


Formal Proceedings


Unclassified Probate


Special Administration\


Summary Assignment/Summary Settlement


Ancillary Proceedings


Mental Health/Drug/

Alcohol Commitments



Forfeitures for Minors (including Truancy, traffic violations under age 16, other non-criminal violations such as Tobacco/Possession)



Wills Filed-No Probate


Wills for Safekeeping (Wills are sealed until the maker passes away)








Termination of Parental Rights







Restraining Orders/Injunctions against Juveniles










Probate Fees/Filing Fees




Copy Fee

Certified Copy

Search Fee




Certificate Terminating Life Estate or Homestead


Claim Against Estate


Estate Inventory (percent of assets on inventory) ($20 minimum)

0.2% (if over $10,000)


Grandparent Visitation

(when a parent is deceased)


Guardianship Inventory (percent of assets on inventory) ($20 minimum)

0.2% (if over $50,000)


Objection of Probate of Will


POA-Health Care Deposit for Safekeeping


Will Deposit for Safekeeping