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Recorded Documents

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Fee Schedule

Recording and Filing Fees

Fees are governed by Wisconsin Statutes and are uniform throughout the State.

Fax Fees

  • Out of State - $5.00
  • Out of County - $3.00
  • In County - $1.00

Land Description Copies

  • Maps - $1.00 per page
  • Printouts - $0.25 per page
  • Labels - $0.10 per label


  • Subdivisions - $50.00
  • Cemetery Plats - $50.00
  • Condominium Plat - $50.00
  • TPP DOT Right of Way Plats - $25.00

Recorded Documents

Recorded documents will be returned to sender or designee.

  • Deeds, Mortgages, Land Contracts, Satisfactions, Lis Pendens, etc. and Miscellaneous Documents:

    • Entitled to be recorded/filed in the Register of Deeds Office.
    • Cost: $30.00 per document.
    • Note: Maximum size sheet is 8½ x 14". One side of sheet constitutes a page and any riders attached are considered another page.
    • Only one mortgage can be Partial Released, Assigned or satisfied with a single instrument.

Federal Tax Liens

  •  Federal Tax Lien Search - $10.00 Fee per name

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Information

  •  Financing Statements
  • UCC 11 - recorded searches (per debtor) - $15.00
  • Certified Copies - $1.00 additional per document
  • After change 7/1/01 should be done at state:    
  • Search - $15.00
  • Copy - $1.00

 *standard forms are the approved State of Wisconsin UCC forms (6/1/98) used for the intention specified on the forms. 

Extra pages render a form non standard.

UCC Filings: (Per State Statute)

**As of 7/1/01 should be filed with state DFI unless real estate related - then recording fees apply.

  • UCC's - $30.00
  • UCC Amendments - $30.00

(Real Estate Related Only - Other filed with DFI

  • Farm Machinery
  • Livestock
  • Musical Instruments & Sound Systems
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Office Equipment & Specialized Business Equipment
  • Crops in the Field

Standard Document Format & Requirements

If you wish to record legal documents affecting real estate such as deeds, land contracts, mortgages, satisfactions and assignments, you will need to use a form which conforms to the Wisconsin standard document format. Most office supply firms offer forms which do meet the requirements of Wisconsin Statute 59.43 (2m).

Use of the standard document format helps to assure that important pieces of information are not inadvertently omitted, that the document is legible, and that it is properly indexed. Use of the standard document format also makes processing and retrieval more efficient.

Most states in the Midwest require some type of standard document format. If you are from a state outside of Wisconsin, you may add a cover-sheet to your document to make if conform to the Wisconsin standard document format. You can print or type the document title, return address, and parcel identification number in the proper locations and attach the cover-sheet to the front of your document so that it becomes the first page.

Requirements of the standard documents format are as follows:

  • The upper right hand corner of the document must be completely blank (at least 3" x 3" for our official recording stamp.
  • The name and return address must be either (1) directly under the recording area, or (2) on the left side of the page and within the top 3 inches.
  • The title of the document must be within the top 3 inches of the page but not in the 3" by 3" corner left blank for our recording stamp.
  • Title, parties, return address and legal description must be legible and reproducible.
  • The paper is white, standard weight, and letter or legal sized.
  • The ink is black so that the document will scan properly.
  • The top margin is a minimum of ½ inch for every page. Other margins are a minimum of ¼ inch.
  • The pages are not hinged.

Remember, you still need:

  • Complete legal descriptions if the document refers to specific parcels of land.
  • Original signatures notarized or authenticated.
  • Proper fees accompanying the document.
  • Name of the document drafter.
  • Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return (completed and with proper fee or exemption #) for deeds and land contracts.

Checklist for Preparation of Documents to be Recorded

  • Your document format must conform to Wisconsin Act 110, Standard Document Format implemented September 1, 1996. Requirements include 3" by 3" blank space in upper right hand corner, minimum ½ inch margins at the top of each page, minimum ¼ inch margins on sides and bottom of first page, white standard weight paper, and no hinged pages.
  • A return name and address must be entered on the document either under the recording area on the right or else on the upper left corner under the space for the document number. 
  • The document title, return address, party names and legal description must be legible and reproducible.

  • Documents pertaining to real estate require the complete legal descriptions of the property.

  • Original signatures are required.

  • The document must refer to land within the county in which it is recorded.

  • A complete Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer form, revised January 2000 or later, is required for conveyances.

  • Multiple mortgage, assignments or satisfactions may not be placed on the same instrument.

  • A notary’s authentication and valid commission date are required.

  • The correct recording fee is required. See Register of Deeds fee schedule.

  • Per attorney generals opinion dated October 15, 1999 no re-recordings are acceptable.

Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Tax Fee 

  • A transfer form and fee or exemption number is required for all conveyances EXCEPT when exemptions, 1 and 10M apply. A statement would need to be inserted on document stating that when using exemption 1 or 10M.

  • Form is to be completed in detail.

  • Electronic Real Estate Transfer Returns eRETR

  • Current rate of fee is $3.00 per $1,000 of value rounded to the next higher hundred. See form for exceptions.

  • Valuation must be shown when documents are exempt except if exempt under 77.25 (3) and (11).
  • Both Grantor and Grantee or their agent must sign form.

  • Transfers involving rental property must be accompanied by a stipulation, waiver, or certificate of compliance form.

  • Parcel identifier number must be on the form.

**All Real Estate Recordings received after 3:30 p.m. are recorded the following business day.