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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I intern at the Sheriff’s Office?

  • Can I surrender an unwanted firearm?

  • Could all of the law enforcement in the county be consolidated into one county-wide police department?

  • Do county ordinances apply within my municipality?

  • Does the Sheriff’s Office have a ride-along program?

  • Does the Sheriff's Office enforce municipal ordinances?

  • How do I apply for a position at the Sheriff’s Office?

  • How do I contact the Sheriff’s Office?

  • How do I find out about property being sold at a Sheriff’s Sale?

  • How do I pay my fine or citation?

  • How do I pay my parking ticket?

  • How do I suggest a question to be posted here, or recommend a Legal Highlight for you to showcase?

  • How do I visit an inmate in the Jail?

  • I have a question about someone in Jail. Whom can I call?

  • Some call it the “Sheriff’s Department,” others call it the “Sheriff’s Office.” Which is correct?

  • Someone I know was arrested last night or over the weekend. When will he/she have an appearance?

  • Someone I know was picked up last night or over the weekend. When will he/she have an appearance?

  • What are the regular office hours for the Sheriff’s Office?

  • What classes are currently being taught by the Sheriff’s Office?

  • What if I see a dead deer on the highway?

  • What is the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office?

  • What makes the Sheriff’s Office different from our police department?

  • What’s the difference between the Sheriff and a Deputy Sheriff?

  • Where can I find a current listing of all your warrants?

  • Where can I get information for applying for a passport?

  • Where can I get information on getting a restraining order?

  • Where do I find a list of traffic and local tickets and their costs?