Fee Schedule

Residential & Commercial Waste - $20.00 minimum charge for all loads 680 lbs. or less. Loads above 680 lbs. are $60.00/ton.

Construction and Demolition Materials - $20.00 minimum charge for all loads 680 lbs. or less. Loads above 680 lbs. are $60.00/ton.

Televisions - $26.00 each for TVs with screens 20" or less, $32.50 each for TVs with screens larger than 20", $32.50 each for console TVs. TV screen sizes are measured diagonally.

Alkaline, Lithium Ion & Ni-Cad Batteries - $2.00/lb.

Lead Acid Batteries - No Charge.

Small Appliances - $3.00 each.

Stoves, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, Washing Machines & Dryers - $15.00 each.

Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwaves, Dehumidifiers & A/C Units - $20.00 each.

Laptops, Computer Monitors & Computer Towers - $15.00 each.

Desktop Printers - $3.50 each.

Cell Phones, DVD Players, VCRs & Small Electronics - $2.50 each.

Vehicle Tires (Non-Semi Truck or Tractor Tires) - $5.00 each.

Fluorescent Bulbs 4' or Less (Includes CFLs) - $0.50 each.

Fluorescent Bulbs over 4' - $0.75 each.

Oil Filters - $0.25 each.

Used Oil & Antifreeze - No Charge. Must be in 2.5 gallon or smaller containers with a lid.

Household Hazardous Materials (Accepted by appointment only) - $0.75/lbs. for most materials. $1.50/lbs. for latex paint. $3.00/lbs. for mercury and mercury containing devices. Program operates March through November.  Call 715-346-1931 to make an appointment or for information.

If you have questions regarding an item not on this list please contact the Solid Waste Department at (715) 343-6297.

All loads must be covered or completely enclosed within your vehicle during delivery. Uncovered loads may be refused or subject to a $10.00 surcharge.

Wear appropriate footwear, please no sandals or open-toed shoes. Broken glass and nails may be present on the Transfer Facility floor and surrounding pavement.

Solid Waste Department staff does not unload vehicles, please be prepared to unload your materials.

No one under the age of 16 is allowed outside of vehicles in the Transfer Facility.

No pets are allowed, all pets must remain in vehicles at all times while on Portage County Solid Waste Department property, including all parking lots.

Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover) or through a previously authorized charge account